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"Hayley Kimbley is #ThunderbirdProud"

July/Aug. 2020

"Jaelyn Engelbrecht Values Teamwork & Trust"

May/June 2020

"Mikayla Pennell is a Team Player"

Mar./Apr. 2020


"McKensie Peneston has the Heart of a Leader"

Jan./Feb. 2020

"Breycin Dysart

New Bloomfield Wildcats"

Nov./Dec. 2019 

"Sam Luebbering is Leading from the Front"

Sep./Oct. 2019 

"Zachary Greathouse

Overcoming and Planning Ahead"

July/Aug. 2019 

"Sarah Johnson

Actively Pursuing Excellence"

May/June 2019 

"Chandler Miller

Hard Work Pays Off"

Mar./Apr. 2019 

"Haley Braun: Positive Balance"

Jan./Feb. 2019 

"Softball Pitcher Mychael Jett Throws a Hard Ball" Sept./Oct. 2018

"JCHS Football Coach Terry Walker's Secret to Winning"

Sept./Oct. 2018


"Lindsey Brandt: Summer is Now in Session" July/Aug. 2018


"Matt Allen: Representing Well"

July/Aug 2018

"Deaven Vincent: A Player Who Follows Through" May/June 2018


"Throwing the Distance: Jasmine Evers"

May/June 2018


"Kory Stephens: Head in the Game,

Feet on the Ground"

Mar./Apr. 2018 

"Mason Kirkweg: On Top of His Game"

Jan./Feb. 2018

"Jimmie Wehmeyer: A Winning Commitment" Jan./Feb. 2018

"Lauren Dumsday: Playing a Positive Position" Mar./Apr. 2018 

"Seth Crawford: Leading the Way" Nov./Dec. 2017

"Ashley Sommerer: Once a Pinto, Always a Pinto" Nov./Dec. 2017

"Alex Nails: A New Kind of Team Leader" 

Sept./Oct. 2017 

"Kevin Kholer: Beyond the Court"

Sept./Oct. 2017 

"Madeline Wilson: Driven by an Incredible Bond" Sept./Oct. 2017 

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