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"The Mountains are Calling. . ."

And I must go." - John Muir

View from the top of the Centennial Express Lift, Beaver Creek

Take me to the mountains. I just got back from the Rockies and every molecule making up my lungs thirsts for mountain air. It's thinner, it's drier, it filters through the bark of evergreens and aspen trees, and it's laced with snow.

I go to Colorado almost every year. I've skied Vail, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, and recently, I've absolutely fallen in love with Beaver Creek. The little village nestled in the heart of the mountains is nothing short of magical. Art galleries line the sidewalks surrounding on outdoor ice rink. Wide, out-spread runs make it feel like you're the only one on the mountain. Family-centered, Beaver Creek always seems to have some event going on, whether it be a carnival, fireworks, Thursday Night Lights, s'mores, live music, or just the everyday celebration of really fabulous food. It's like being in a snow globe. A really, really big snow globe.

A day on the mountain is nothing short of perfect. Just a few miles west of Vail, there is something in the air at Beaver Creek. Something sweeter than the aspens and the evergreens. Perhaps it's the cookies? Here are my 3 of favorite places on the slopes, starting with cookies at the bottom of the lifts.

3 Things Not to Miss in a Day Skiing Beaver Creek

1. That's right. Every day at 3pm, hot chocolate chip cookies are served by men and women in chef's hats between the Centennial and Buckaroo Express lifts. It is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to give you the strength for those last few runs of the day and just one of the things you cannot miss on the mountain.

It's the most wonderful time of the day.

2. The Candy Cabin is the cutest, most unexpected thing to find at the top of the mountain. Just off the Strawberry Park Express Lift, the Candy Cabin is the perfect place to warm up, refuel, catch your breath, and enjoy the view. Confession: I may have made this my breakfast one of the days I was there. No regrets.

The Candy Cabin
The Candy Cabin

3. Mamie's Mountain Grill. We've talked about afternoon cookies and sweet snacks, but a long day of skiing requires protein to keep you going. Mamie's happens to be my favorite place to eat on the mountain, not because the food is phenomenal or 5 star (though the meatball subs are pretty great), but because the view is one of my favorites in the world. Pictures never do it justice, but imagine looking out on a mountain meadow, curtained on either side by white aspens, with not a single footprint in the white velvet-like snow.

View from Mamie's

The Mountains call me westward. And eastward. And upwards. I shall never grow weary of exploring the adventure that awaits beyond the next evergreen, through the tunnel ahead, beneath the next falling snowflake, or over the peak of the horizon. Where is your next adventure? Need any recommendations? Shoot me an email. I would love to hear all about it and help you plan.

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