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Waterfall Wednesday: Machine Falls, Tullahoma, TN

About this time last year, my favorite adventure buddy, Jessie (she's also a killer personal trainer), and I set out for a little adventure. We hadn't seen each other all summer and were long overdo for a waterfall trip. After scanning Instagram for hours, trying to decide where to go, we decided on Machine Falls. We hoped for a decent waterfall, maybe some swimming, and just a good ole little road trip (we believe that the car stereo should always be used as a karaoke machine, and I'm sure we entertained several drivers with our stellar singing/dancing performances). What we found was the landscape of fairytales!

So, the water isn't actually deep enough to swim in, but we splashed our way through the three waterfalls (2 more than expected)! (Machine Falls is a part of the Short Springs Natural Area, and there are apparently several waterfalls within a couple mile radius.) Looking back over the map of the area, I'm actually not 100% certain which path we took. I believe we took the Machine Falls Loop to the base of the falls, then cut over to the Busby Falls Trail, to the bridge connecting to the Laurell Bluff Loop, where we hopped in the water and made it our path.

It was one of the most beautiful hikes, so we took a million pictures!!! Seriously, all I could think was, "I've stumbled upon the land of fairytales!"

The park is off the beaten path, not overly trafficked, and has no cell service. (Also, there are no bathrooms. . . so if you see a gas station on the way, you might wanna stop before trekking down to the falls.) Zero cell service, I've found, is a common theme when exploring nature's beauties. The first few times I went on adventures and checked my phone to see "NO SERVICE" where the service bars usually are, all I could think was, "Wow, this would be a great location for a horror movie." The more adventures I go on, it becomes less surprising and less alarming. Getting chopped into a million pieces isn't my first thought anymore. Actually it's kind of nice dropping off the radar for a little while. But you also don't want to do anything stupid, because if you fall and break something, calling for help becomes a lot more tricky.

Friends - Because adventures are more fun together!

Have a blast! Take tons of pictures! Don't be afraid to get wet!

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