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Waterfall Wednesday: Burgess Falls, Sparta, TN

Burgess Falls in Sparta, TN, is only about an hour and twenty minutes outside of Nashville. I first made this trip in the spring of my first year in the city. I remember getting out of the car and being like, "Whoa, this is what silence sounds like. . ." I had never lived in a city before and it was the most refreshing feeling to be able to step out of the hustle and into nature where the only thing you hear is the whisper of the leaves and rushing water. So if your looking for a peaceful get away with an easy hike and stellar views, I totally recommend Burgess.

Like I said, the hike is easy! And the views are GORGEOUS! That is part of what I love about Burgess Falls, some of the other waterfalls I've been to (like Cummins Falls) take some serious stepping to get to. And they're worth it! But if you're not feeling as adventuresome or some of your aren't physically up for uneven steps, slippery slopes, and rushing water, I would stick to Burgess. The views are incredible and the path is one I would feel comfortable taking my Nana on (and she's eighty-years-old).

The spring time is my favorite to visit Burgess, when all the trees are putting out that golden-green and wild flowers start popping up everywhere!

Now this view (below) may not be so easy to get to anymore. In 2015 an excessive amount of rain washed out the staircase that led to the base of this waterfall. However, I have seen pictures (via The Nashville Explorers Club) where people have kayaked up the river to get here. I haven't personally don't it yet, but it's on my list!

The overlook of the falls has been repaired since the rain damage, so this amazing view (below) is still accessible.

Going back through the pictures, I'm dying to get back to Burgess. Maybe next time I'll catch it in fall when the leaves change. . .

Happy exploring everyone!

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